Employee welfare. Workplace health. Business value.

Studies have shown that when a chaplain is present in the workplace, companies experience:


  • Reduction in risk—issues are handled before they become a costly crisis or legal matter
  • Fewer employee situations that require attention
  • Fewer employee complaints and less work responding to them
  • Reduction in employee and employee/management issues


  • Reduction in tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Increase in production
  • Less cost related to recruiting, replacing, and training new employees
  • Improved competitive market position
  • Greater commitment at times when performance and production would suffer


  • We foster connection, cohesion, and trust among employees and between management and staff
  • Greater appreciation of management and loyalty
  • A more favorable relationship with employees
  • Less workplace politics and fewer cliques
  • Less cynicism and greater trust


  • Less HR staff stress and burnout
  • We are present and active in moments of personal and corporate crisis
  • A tangible benefit that can be used as a recruiting tool.

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